Monday, April 24, 2017

Affinity Space Presentation

Here is my video presentation on my Affinity Space - Terraria:

If this video is difficult to view, you can also access the video here:


  1. Great work, Mike! Very polished. Terraria is a game that I have wanted to play, but just haven’t done so. It looks like good fun. The developer site looks like it’s organized well with a lot of resources about the game. I love your transition screens. I am surprised at the size of the community. Much larger than I would have thought. The “how do you play” question thread is interesting. A lot of games are experienced in a similar manner. The more open designs such as Minecraft, or Terraria lend themselves to much broader types of user experiences. Spaces that include a starter guide is an immense help to those new to the game, or whatever the topic may be.
    The only criticism I can offer is that the music during the middle portion of your video was about the same volume as your narration which made it hard to hear what you were saying. I thought you did a good job describing the space and analyzing the community and interactions with what we have learned this semester. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well done Mike! I'm not a big fan of Terraria myself, as I prefer Minecraft; however, my son is a huge fan so I'm really familiar with gameplay and with the themes. My fav is the Eye of Cthulhu boss. I love Lovecraft, what can I say. Your overview of the game and the space intro was succinct and well thought out. Your connections with Gee & Hayes were also spot on, especially the shared passion for Terraria.

    I can completely identify with contributing being out of your comfort zone. I, too, was pushed beyond comfort in sharing in a non-classroom setting (which is still not really all that comfortable but better). I've not heard of using Terraria in the classroom before.

    I've also enjoyed your reflection of what is needed from a brand new player and their options. Being a new player in any game can be really difficult without support from others.

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