Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Art of Terraria

Meandering around through the Terraria Community Forums (TCF), I have found, generally, what one would expect to find in an online gaming forum: lots of posts on tips and tricks, version or update announcements, and other general orientation through the game. Not only that, but the depth at which these things are discussed goes way over the head of a beginner Terraria player, i.e. me..

However, after perusing the forums for a while now as an observer, I have discovered another little sub-culture: the art of Terraria. And I'm not talking about the ability to play the game. I mean literally - the art of Terraria. Check out this section of the Forum titled, "Terraria Drawings, Paintings, and Pixel Art":

There appears to be a large group of forum members who create their own artwork in various forms. This includes drawings, sketches, pixel art (similar to the look and feel of the game), and other forms of digital art. Here, artists share their work with each other, providing feedback, help, and suggestions. A large portion of these artists appear to be novice coders that are required to create their own images whether for a class or otherwise.

In addition, some artists take requests from users for art pieces. Here is a thread to make a request for artwork:

I haven't made a request yet but I certainly plan to. Any ideas on what I should request?

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