Sunday, July 5, 2015

Digital Story Critique: University of Florida e-Learning Teaser Trailer

Digital Critique:

University of Florida e-Learning Teaser Trailer

As was this week's assignment, I sought out a digital remix for my critique and came across a short video created by the University of Florida. To keep in-line with my focal theme of corporate eLearning, I did a google search for "E-Learning movie trailers" to see if something like this existed. I was happy to see that the eLearning department at the University of Florida tried their hand at a new digital format in order to tell a story - a teaser trailer of new things to come!

I will evaluate the video using the Chapter 4 appendix from New Literacies under the Movie Trailer Remix. This video isn't a traditional movie trailer in that it was created from a movie. Instead, it is a video created to look like a movie trailer. Some of the dimension I will focus on are:

1) Knowing how to access original movie footage to use in the remixed trailer
2) Paying attention to original movie storylines and leveraging them where possible in creating a new movie storyline
3) Including written text in the remix video to help convey the new storyline

Accessing Original Footage

The video is a teaser trailer for a new look eLearning technology at the university. Original footage of the old software is portrayed in an old-fashioned format conveying an out-dated message. The coloring and blinking footage make the old system look like a thing of the past, similar to an old movie before full color was available.

Paying Attention To Original Storylines

The story is simple: old platform is being updated to a new platform. The video begins with the original interface as if the viewer is the one accessing the system. The new platform is introduced in the same manner but with greater appeal and visual so the viewer can make the simple comparison.

Including Written Text

Sakai appears to be the name of the platform or software being used for eLearning at the University of Florida. The teaser is explained through text - first the old system written in an old fashioned font. The transition to the new system involves common user text, almost like a chat room. The new system is then flashier and more modern bringing a sense of newness and excitement.

Overall, the video was pretty basic but I wanted to find an example of eLearning being portrayed using a new format. I think incorporating the principle of remixing into online learning is an exciting yet challenging proposition that needs to be explored fully.

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