Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DS106 Assignment Bank: This Doesn't Belong Here

Something in this picture below does not belong:

Watching toys come to life seems like every kid's fantasy. Some people might call toys inanimate objects but to the imagination, toys have characters and personalities all their own. Pixar captured this brilliantly in their Toy Story series. The image above is one of the first scenes of the first Toy Story movie. In this scene, the character that is Woody is being introduced as the leader of the group of toys in Andy's room as he runs a meeting to discuss the upcoming move. Here we get to know how each toy comes to life and what kind of personality they have. All any of the toys wants is just to be played with! What these toys don't realize is that Andy is about to receive an exciting new birthday present that will introduce both a contender for Andy's time as well as a new friend, Buzz Lightyear.

Sneaking into this image is another toy from another great story who came to life and took us on an adventure into the death-defying world of Legos. His name is Emmett and, in The Lego Movie, he realizes his destiny as a master builder and must unite with other famous superheroes to ward off the evil plot of the enemy. Emmett is another commonly played-with toy brought to life in the digital make-believe story of a young man realizing his true potential.

For this assignment I wanted to combine two similar yet different stories into one image. In thinking about famous movie scenes combined with the overarching theme of digital storytelling, I figure there couldn't be better examples of bringing the inanimate to life. Who knows? Perhaps if Emmett's and Woody's worlds would combine they could become best of friends and have their own adventures together. You've heard the phrase, "the sky is the limit." But in this case, "the imagination is the limit."

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