Friday, July 3, 2015

DS106 Assignment Bank: New Team Logo Design

This week's Assignment Bank called for a design focus and I was immediately drawn to the assignment of creating a sports team logo. As an avid sports fan, I've always relished the idea of creating a new sports team with colors, logo, mascot, etc. Plus, living in Utah where we only have a professional basketball team (Utah Jazz), I like to daydream of adding a pro football or pro baseball team and wonder what mascots we could incorporate that are a signature of Utah.

However, for this assignment, I decided to go a in a little different direction. In the town where I live, a new high school is currently under construction. It has already been decided that the school will be called Skyridge High School but the school colors and mascot have not yet been determined. I believe, the city will actually put those two things to a vote at some point. Therefore, as a local resident, I decided to create a design that could potentially be a candidate. Here is my design:

Logos often incorporate digital storytelling because they are designed to send a message to the viewer about the organization. It gives an impression in just few words or sometimes in just a visual. In thinking about a mascot for the new high school, I wanted to find something that represented Utah and more specifically the city I live in. At the same time, the mascot needs to be a symbol of strength and vigor and act as a rallying point for athletes, fans, and patrons. Combined with the those elements, I also wanted to incorporate a new idea and not turn back to common mascots like tigers, Spartans, or hawks. When it came to me, I knew it was the perfect fit: Wind.
The city I live in sits on hills leading up to the Wasatch Mountain Range. Here the wind blows strong, almost everyday. The city is a relatively young city without many mature trees to shelter from the wind. Basically, everyone here feels the wind and feels its strength. Because of the present wind, we also have new wind turbines to harness the power of the wind and turn it into energy. For this reason, I chose the turbine as the symbol that represents the strength of the wind. These turbines are also a new, forward thinking symbol of the future and represents an organization that is part of the future.
The text and colors are symbol and bold. The cool blue letters are laced with yellow almost as if emitting an energy. Wind is a natural phenomenon in nature and its strength is undeniable. I think any young athlete would like to be described in the same way. The wind is not just what we experience here in my city, it's who we are!

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