Saturday, June 20, 2015

DS106 Assignment Bank: Color Changer

Alien Landscape

For this week's DS106 Assignment Bank activity I chose to do a "Color Changer". In this assignment I had to select a picture and change the hue to make the picture look completely different. I call this "Alien Landscape". It looks like something right out of Star Trek or some other inter-planetary science fiction movie. The purple atmosphere and eerie blue glow make for a foreboding tale of intergalactic danger.
Since I live in Utah, I chose a picture of Delicate Arch, not far from Moab in the southern part of the state. Utah has some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the country. If ever you get a chance to travel through Utah be sure to check out the national parks in the southern half of the states. Some of the rock formations, formed over hundreds of thousands of years, seem to take on other shapes - including arches, towers, animals, and even goblins!
With today's technology, it's much easier to digitally enhance a background to make it look like something completely different. The entertainment industry is constantly seeking out locations that can double as some fairytale landscape. Here is another image of Utah:

This image is a scene from the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. At this point in the film, Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship are caught in some other-worldly dimension. In reality, the production company digitally place a pirate ship on the Bonneville Salt Flats - a large expanse of flat salt deposits in Utah.
The thing about story telling is whether the story is told digitally or not, the key ingredient is always imagination.


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