Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Beginning of Digital Storytelling

This blog is the starting shot of an 8 week sprint through the world of digital storytelling. Success, as stated by the course syllabus, will come through a careful understanding of four dispositions: course affinity with DS106, course location, social practice, and experimentation and expression. I'm not sure exactly what these dispositions entail but I imagine it will involve participating in the internet like I never have before. If this holds true, then it will definitely take me out of my comfort zone but, hey, outside the comfort zone is where incredible things can happen! So if there's anyone out there picking up this frequency stay tuned. We'll see where this journey takes us and how fast we'll get there. Let's go!


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  1. Welcome and remember there is an open DS106 community here on the web always willing to hold out a hand if it gets too scary to jump in! Just follow us on Twitter or G+ community of both and jump in. I never thought I would be here and was a skeptic at the start, a few years on: I am so glad I worked through my fears and become part of this crazy #ds106 world. I am The DS106 Shrink on Tumblr - find me there if you want to know more.