Sunday, June 21, 2015

TDC: Pixar Story Spine

Here is a memoir for today's TDC using the famous Pixar Story Spine:

Once upon a time a mother had a two year old who had a lot of energy, a healthy curiosity, and a penchant for mischief.

Every day he ran, crawled, jumped, played and always looked for ways to get into things he shouldn't or find places he'd never been to before.

But, one day he learned how to climb...

Because of that he now had a desire to explore the world above him.

Because of that he searched for things to climb on in the house anywhere in the house from tables and chairs to sinks and countertops.

Because of that he discovered he could climb up the shelves in the pantry.

Until finally, he climbed up to the very top shelf of the pantry where he realized that he did not know how to climb down and was, therefore, stuck until someone could eventually come to his rescue.

And, ever since then he remembers to bring a chair or stool with him.

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