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INTE 5340: Learning with Digital Stories - Final Portfolio

Why is it important to tell stories?

My final portfolio for INTE 5340 showcases a number of digital stories or critiques created throughout the term with an emphasis on Corporate eLearning. Each of my assignments was posted on this blog and shared via Twitter. Below are some links to various assignments including DS106 assignments, digital story critiques, and reading responses. Please review and feel free to provide commentary.

DS106 Assignments (Click the links to view artifacts)

Web Assignment: Way Back Time Machine
In this web assignment, I utilized the Internet Archive to view snapshots of the same website at different points in time. I chose to examine to see how this changed over time.

Design Assignment: Maze Infographic
I wanted to design an infographic and came acros this maze assignment in the design section. I combined both ideas to create an infographic demonstrating the need for eLearning, specifically within a corporate environment.

Mashup Assignment: Something doesn't belong here
Mashup is a fun concept. In this assignment I combined images from two popular kids movies. Take a look and see if you can find which picture does not belong!

Design Assignment: New Team Logo Design
The original assignment called for designing a new team logo for a fictitious team. I put my own spin on it and designed a new team logo for a new high school in my city. In addition, I discussed the importance of telling a story in logos and organizational graphics.

Digital Story Critiques (Click the links to view artifacts)

Digital Story Critique: Scrolling Mashup
An example and critique of parallax scrolling - an effect that allows the background to change at a slower pace than the scrolling to create a 3D effect. This effect enables an interesting storytelling experience using scrolling and a directional message. This digital story was critiqued using Lankshear and Knoble.

Digital Story Critique: Photoshopping at posts a number of articles from industry professionals and most are accompanied with an image to illustrate the article. I found a couple images that were photoshopped to do just that. This digital story was critiqued using Lankshear and Knoble.

Digital Story Critique: How To Develop The Best Employee Training Through E-Learning
A critique of a video commissioned by the European Commission as a way of promoting tourism. I found the video an interesting sign of the importance of eLearning within government and enterprise organizations. I critiqued the video using Jason Ohler's assessment traits.

Digital Story Critique: University of Florida eLearning Teaser Trailer
The University of Florida created a teaser trailer for their new eLearning platform. I evaluated this video using Jason Ohler's assessment traits.

Reading Responses: Lankshear and Knobel, New Literacies

Reading Response: New Literacies Chapter 8 - Social Learning in Formal Education
In chapter 8, Lankshear and Knoble tie it all together with some real to life examples of social learning among post graduate students and grammar school students.

Reading Response: Lankshear and Knoble Chapter 7 - Social Learning
Perhaps the best chapter in the book, formal education is regarded as outdated and ineffective. The authors explain the paradigm shift from push to pull and the value of social learning.

Reading Response: New Literacies Chapter 5: Blogs and Wikis
Chapter 5 explores wikis and blogs as tools for social learning.

Reading Response: Post-Modernity and a New Ethos
Another highlight chapter, new literacies does not mean a departure from the old but rather a transformation into something better. For my response I found an early 1900s newspaper that used to print social updates - perhaps a precursor to facebook and twitter?

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